Lifestyle Lift’s dirty little secret

ALBANY, N.Y. — New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has settled a complaint against a cosmetic surgery company that admits it used its employees to pose as satisfied customers in online ads, reports news source

According to, the company ordered employees to write positive reviews of its facelift procedure Lifestyle Lift on Web sites. Lifestyle Lift also created its own sites of facelift reviews to appear as unsolicited testimonials. In an email, the company instructed employees to “devote the day to doing more postings on the Web as a satisfied client.” Cuomo’s office says in so doing, Lifestyle Lift violated consumer protection laws.

Cuomo announced the $300,000 settlement with the plastic surgery firm that created the Lifestyle Lift procedure, which is performed in doctors’ offices in New York and 21 other states. It is believed his office is the first to address these “Astroturf marketing” techniques, so named because they are aimed at creating bogus grassroots buzz about a product.

In addition to the cash settlement, Lifestyle Lift has agreed to stop publishing anonymous online reviews and to identify fake reviews posted by employees

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